Memphis Tweeple: #whenSCStakesoverMCS

Since the Dec. 20 MCS board vote to surrender its charter, Twitter has been abuzz with 140-character-long musings on the MCS charter surrender, the SCS fight for special school district status and all the characters involved.

Earlier this week, though, two local Tweeple got started on a new hashtag: #WhenSCSTakesOverMCS.

Shelby County Commissioner Mike Carpenter (@mikecarpenter1) showed his funny side with this Tweet:

MCS children will have to walk 5 miles uphill in the snow. #whenSCStakesoverMCS
And this one:

Cafeteria ladies will no longer wear hair nets. #whenSCStakesoverMCS

Using that hashtag, what would you Tweet?

Wendi C. Thomas is a metro columnist for The Commercial Appeal. Follow her on twitter at @wendi_c_thomas.


Funny that this would have been specifically banned in the Consolidation amendment last November that voters rejected because their main fear seemed to be school consolidation.

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