ICYMI: Cohen opponent paid to run against him, Withers exposed, Haslam outlines platform

For those who do not receive emails from campaigns, ICYMI stands for "In Case You Missed It" and is actually an effective tool used to pepper journalists with news they feel deserves to be understood and distributed. We don't always agree (or have the time or resources), but it's not a bad communications practice. So, ICYMI ...

Bartholomew Sullivan brings us this piece today looking at tea-party candidate Charlotte Bergmann, who is challenging incumbent Rep. Steve Cohen in the 9th Congressional district. Bergmann, the Republican nominee, is drawing a salary from her campaign, which strikes Cohen and others as extremely odd, even if it is technically legal. On Sunday, we explained that Cohen has indicated he won't invest many resources in the general-election contest with Bergmann, although Democrats here and around the country are saying the party needs to be doing all it can to motivate its base to turn out for the Nov. 2 midterms.

Out of Nashville, Richard Locker reports on the platform Republican gubernatorial nominee Bill Haslam pitched at an event on Monday, with a focus on five key areas. Rick also has a report on awards given to Tennessee legislators by advocates for the environment.

And if you have not already, check out Marc Perrusquia's remarkable project on famed Civil Rights photographer Ernest Withers and his connection with the FBI as, apparently, a paid informant.

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