Ag Groups To Hold Fincher Fundraiser

WASHINGTON - Farm commodity lobbyists are hosting a Capitol Hill Club fundraiser for Stephen Fincher, the Republican seeking Tennessee's 8th Congressional District seat, on Tuesday.

Lobbyists for the Cordova-based National Cotton Council, the USA Rice Federation, the Georgia Peanut Growers and the Vidalia Onion Business Council, as well as the American Veterinary Medical Association are hosting the breakfast, which costs $1,000 for political action committees and $500 for individuals.

On Thursday, Tennessee's Republican Congressional delegation, led by Sens. Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker, is hosting another breakfast at the same location.

Whether the candidate will appear at either event could not be immediately ascertained.

Fincher, a row crop farmer, receives cotton and other subsidy payments from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, an issue raised by Donn Janes, one of his independent, tea party-supported opponents.


Mr. Fincher is a row CROP farmer, not a "row GROUP" farmer. With verbage like this, one has to cast a doubting eye as to the quality of this "reporting".

Of note, is the mention of Donn Janes as one of Fincher's "tea-party supported" opponents.

What the author of this article forgets to mention is that Stephen Fincher is also "tea-party supported", having picked up the endorsements of the Gibson County Patriots and Humphreys County tea party groups.

Also, the "subsidy issue" is not an "issue" at all. Have you forgotten that Fincher's primary opponents spent over $5 million in TV & radio ads and mail pieces attacking Fincher over his participation in the farm program? How did that resonate with voters? Fincher won by 25% in a 5 way field.

Nice try, but no gold star, Bart.

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