Ford Jr., best-selling author, still registered in Shelby County

WASHINGTON - Harold Ford Jr., who considered a run for the U.S. Senate from New York earlier this year, is still registered to vote in Shelby County, elections commission administrator Richard L. Holden confirmed this morning.

Unless and until New York state voting authorities, or the voter himself, inform Shelby County that he is registered elsewhere, the local registration is appropriate, Holden explained.

Ford, a vice chairman at Merrill Lynch and a regular television commentator, added best-selling author to his list of credentials when his More Davids Than Goliaths reached the No. 4 spot on The Washington Post's best-seller list last week.

Holden Ford Jr. last voted in Shelby County in the November 2008 presidential race. His father, Harold Ford Sr., is also a registered voted in Shelby County, although he lives in Florida, and last voted in Tennessee in 2007.


No, it's not appropriate. #1, see
"A citizen of the United States eighteen (18) years of age or older who is a resident of this state is a qualified voter...."

Holden copped out by not reading the rest of
especially not just subsection(a) but subsections (b) and following:
"(b) It is the responsibility of the county election commission to implement an address verification program to identify any voter who has changed the voter's address of residence without notifying the election commission...."

Dig harder, Bart. I may keep the heat on on this.

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