Memphis Democratic Club = legitimate. But the "Memphis Democratic Party" . . . not so much.

In an item we published this morning about the Shelby County Democratic Party and some of its nominees trying to stop the distribution of fraudulent ballots, it should have read that Regina Newman Morrison (candidate for Trustee), Corey Maclin (County Clerk) and Minerva Johnican (Criminal Court Clerk) were concerned about entities identifying themselves as "Memphis Democratic Party" and "Shelby County Democratic Club." The Memphis Democratic Club is very much alive and well and out stumping for candidates it believes serve the best interest of voters.

Essentially, a suit that will be heard on Friday claims that M. Latroy Williams and Charlotte Draper, both of whom lost in the May primaries, have been misrepresenting themselves on ballots from those made-up entities. Some ballots being distributed at polls are also falsely claiming endorsements have been made by Democrats in state legislative primaries.

The Memphis Democratic Club, by the way, did surprise some by endorsing 9th Congressional District incumbent Steve Cohen over former Memphis mayor Willie Herenton.


A link back to that "buried" report would have been a time-saver for me.

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