There are a series of questions from the panel on consolidation. Ford continues to take his stand against the merger, saying he doesn't see anything the City of Memphis can provide to the county. He said there are plenty of services from hospital to the health department that county government funds, so there already is some consolidation.

Luttrell, for the first time, says he is opposed to consolidation because, after seeing a draft of the proposed charter, he sees it as too big, and doesn't like the direction it took on law enforcement. Mainly, Luttrell said law enforcement should be under the sheriff.

He said Ford not only voted on establishing the Charter Commission, but dedicates some of the county administration staff to the Charter Commission.

Ford said Luttrell has "flip-flopped" on consolidation.


Luttrell's right about the Sheriff's role. Why should the public have to endure the Mayor's opinion about how the Sheriff is doing enforcing the STATE's laws? The voters ought to be able to shotcan the Shurf and not have to give a dayum about whether the Mayor likes the job he's doing or not. Wasn't there a questionable wreck on I-40 or 240 when a Herenton relative was involved?

The people of Memphis need to think about Consolidation. Just think of dupicated jobs in both Gov't. that would save a ton of money.

"Just think of dupicated jobs in both Gov't. that would save a ton of money."

I keep hearing this over and over, but no one has actually listed any of the duplicated jobs despite being asked. Even the Charter Commission hasn't told us. As best I can tell, those jobs largely are in the duplicated mayors' offices but nowhere else.

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