Thursday roundup: Beware Bass Pro, Herenton wants "Just One," Tenn. legislature adjourns

Despite this story about a report that Bass Pro fails to deliver for communities who give the company big tax breaks in return for megastores, Memphis Mayor A C Wharton and Robert Lipscomb, the city's director of housing and community development, told The Commercial Appeal's editorial board this morning that they are very close to finishing the deal to remake The Pyramid into a Bass Pro megastore.

At the meeting, Mayor Wharton responded (sort of) to the harsh criticisms thrown at him from his predecessor, 9th Congressional District candidate Willie Herenton,
in a Wednesday press conference. Wendi Thomas responded much more directly to Herenton's assertion that he did not "give a damn" about the controversies that arose over the Memphis Animal Shelter and the Memphis Sexual Assault Resource Center. Meanwhile, 9th District incumbent U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen continues to try and persuade voters that he's focused on getting things done in Washington that voters care about -- filing a bill to aid non-violent offenders on Wednesday.

Wharton and Lipscomb were actually visiting to talk about long-term budget strategies, which is a reminder to go and read about the final budget approved Tuesday by the City Council, with a slight alteration on Wednesday at the request of Wharton to free up more funds aimed at recruiting businesses and promoting economic development.

In Nashville, the General Assembly finally adjourned, six weeks after they had hoped, and several last-minute votes made it, some did not. One bill that got killed was a super speeding bill, and another was a push to ban red-light cameras. It is interesting how little public attention is given to the deaths and injuries on our roads, given the human toll taken every day. We were reminded of that tragically when a 9-year-old in DeSoto County died in a wreck yesterday. We ran a story in December pointing out one of the most dangerous places for anyone in the Mid-South is, indeed, inside a vehicle.

In suburban government developments, a lot of candidates are lining up in Germantown, including a legitimate challenger for Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy, and Bartlett ponders whether to give raises to its elected officials.


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