Ron Ramsey (hearts) Cohen . . . sort of

Updating a post from last week where we pointed out that campaign HQ openings by U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen and Tennessee state senate speaker and GOP gubernatorial candidate Ron Ramsey represented opposite ends of the state and political spectrum, I did tell Ramsey that media here like to ask other politicians if they are endorsing Cohen or Willie Herenton, Cohen's opponent in the 9th Congressional District Democratic primary.

Ramsey, of course, would never wade into a Democratic primary, but he wanted it made clear that he respects Cohen and is fond of him personally -- which may or may not be something Cohen's campaign welcomes. Said Ramsey: "I did serve about 10 years in the state Senate and he is a very good friend of mine. He and I may have differed on issues, but the thing about Steve, he'd be right up front with you. If he had a difference, he'd tell you, 'I have a difference.' I was adamantly opposed to a state lottery, I don't think the government ought to be in the gambling business, but that did not affect our friendship at all. I like people like Steve Cohen, that even if they don't believe like I do, at least they will tell you where they believe, they will stand there and don't back down."

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