Rasmussen poll: Haslam popularity grows steadily

At the Ron Ramsey campaign headquarters opening, the state senate speaker characterized Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam's lead in the Republican gubernatorial primary as small and easily made up. He cited a Rasmussen Reports poll released on Thursday that he said showed him tied with Wamp and with Haslam holding only a six-point. However, that poll was not measuring support in the Republican primary; it asked likely voters about hypothetical general-election matchups with Democratic candidate Mike McWherter. And even using that metric, Haslam is the front-runner -- the one Republican to get to 50 percent vs. McWherter (50-32) with Ramsey and Wamp both showing 44-33 advantages.

Rasmussen reported that 20 percent of voters held no opinion and suggested that the most telling finding involved the "very unfavorable" and "very favorable" ratings, and on that score, Haslam again comes out on top, with 23 percent of voters seeing him "very favorably," a number that has grown 11 percent since March and is well ahead of the only 6 percent of voters who view him "very unfavorably." That 17-point positive gap is not good news for Wamp or Ramsey, who have aggressively campaigned against Haslam trying to point out negatives to conservative voters. Ramsey, despite serving as the state's de facto top state-government Republican for the 2009 and 2010 sessions of the General Assembly, is seen as very favorable by only 11 percent of likely voters (and very unfavorable by 11 percent, as well) . Wamp comes in at 17 percent very favorable and 10 percent very unfavorable, a 7-point positive, while McWherter is at 17-14, with a 3-percent positive gap. 


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