Ford claims Mike Carpenter headed to City Hall

Speaking of the City of Memphis chief administrative officer job, County Commissioner and county mayoral candidate Joe Ford took a shot at Mike Carpenter, accusing him of staying on the body just long enough to obstruct Ford's bid. Inherent in that attack is Ford's belief that Carpenter, who is co-chairman of Memphis Mayor A C Wharton's transition team, will become the city's CAO.

"There's one commissioner who as soon as he takes that vote, he's going across the street," Ford said Monday, adding that the commissioner he said is going to work at City Hall is Carpenter. "It was going to happen last Monday but the vote got all tied up and it just didn't happen."

Carpenter has been consistently denying there is any deal in place to become CAO, a post currently held by Jack Sammons. In the post below, it is certainly notable that Sammons says he is open to becoming a compromise candidate for candidate mayor should today's vote by the Commision (which meets at 4 p.m.) end in another stalemate between Ford and commissioner J.W. Gibson II.

"I have no formal offer for that, not from the mayor or the city," Carpenter said. "I don't really know what my future holds. As it stands today, I am still elected just like he is and can cast my vote and represent my district."


That would be a great trade off, a great move Sammons takes the County Interim Mayor position and Carpenter takes Sammons place as city CAO.

Anything to stop the County Commission from making a huge mistake and electing Ford interim Mayor. Now Ford's playing the Ford's usual dirty politics and badmouthing Carpenter.

What's next Joe, gonna get big brother Harold to threaten Carpenter too as he did Malone?

Stick to being a funeral director that suits you more and at least the people you work on and bury can't hear your bullmanure.

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