Commission still voting on mayor

After nine more rounds of voting and the nomination of Shelby County chief administrative officer Jim Huntzicker failed to change anything -- J.W. Gibson still two votes short at five votes, Joe Ford still two votes short at five votes -- the County Commission voted to take a recess before determining what to do next in the voting for Shelby County interim mayor.

The nomination of Huntzicker did create a new dynamic, and he mustered three votes (from Deidre Malone, Matt Kuhn and George Flinn) before falling out. He took his nomination seriously and advocated for himself by pointing to what he called the success of the A C Wharton administration in tackling huge budget challenges.

That sparked a passionate response from Ford, who lambasted Huntzicker's management and the Wharton administration generally. "If you pick somebody from the former administration to guide ths county over next nine months you are headed toward disaster," Ford said.

But it did not change things.

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