Whalum blocks unfriendly Twitterers

Memphis mayoral candidate Kenneth Whalum, a Memphis City School Board member, is blocking certain users on Twitter.

Twitter account holder Shane Adams, who goes by the alias "ShaneofMemphis" and who describes himself on Twitter as a "liberal rabblerouser living in a conservative town," earlier today took to his Twitter page to lament being blocked by Whalum, Twitter alias "KWHALUM."

"obviously @kwhalum does not like dissent. I was blocked. That's stupid," he wrote.

Whalum has also blocked @vibinc and @peskyfly.

Whalum responded to ShaneofMemphis' Tweets: "and i'll block you again @shaneofmemphis."

Judging by ShaneofMemphis' page, he's taken a few digs at Whalum, saying he "prob has people anoint his feet with oil."

Being blocked means those Twitter users will not see Whalum's tweets in their timeline, even though they can still access all of Whalum's tweets by going directly to his Twitter page.

Whalum uses his page primarily as a campaign tool. He shares updates from the campaign trail and riffs on the election: "the status quo is scared to death. don't worry, though, real Memphians aren't as vindictive as you think. Peace," he wrote earlier today.

He also uses Twitter to dialogue with members of the media: "welcome to @kwhalum, commercial appeal. what took you so long? New Movement New Mayor New Memphis Vote WHALUM!"

When asked about blocking certain Twitter users, Whalum responded today in an e-mail: "I think people are allowed to block whoever they want to block. Somebody complained??? ROTFLOL! It's not that crucial!!!!!! :-D"

Whalum isn't the only mayoral candidate with Twitter page. Candidates including attorney Charles Carpenter, Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery, Shelby County Mayor A C Wharton, professional wrestler Jerry Lawler and former City Councilwoman Carol Chumney have all relied on Twitter to spread their campaign whereabouts and their message.


There are more people, many of whom are very active in the community and local government that are blocked. As I noted in this post this morning, I hope to have a more complete list soon.

You forgot @JerryLawler! He's all over Twitter. He has more followers than any of the other candidates COMBINED! Do some homework, Commercial Appeal! Clearly you have no want for real change and progress in this city!!


Lawler is mentioned. Read much?

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