Lowery reacts to Herenton on morning talk show

Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery appeared on a talk radio show this morning and gave an unfiltered reaction to former mayor Willie Herenton pulling a petition to run for Memphis mayor.


Lowery, who Herenton criticized as having a "reckless style of leadership," told The Commercial Appeal Thursday that Herenton's actions caused "more confusion" and that the five-term mayor "lacked credibility."

On the "Drake & Zeke in the Morning Show" today, Lowery did not expound on those sentiments much but he did say he was, like many, confused to hear that the mayor was considering running in an election prompted by his own retirement.

"Listen, I can't figure out our former mayor. I don't know anyone who knows why he's doing some of the things he's doing," said Lowery, who is running in the special election to replace Herenton.

"We must tell our former mayor that he's wrong and he needs to be consistent," Lowery said. 

Herenton has blamed Lowery for his decision to pull a petition, saying "we cannot allow Mayor Pro Tem Lowery to be elected mayor during the upcoming special election."

When one of the radio hosts asked what Lowery could have possibly done to deserve Herenton's ire, Lowery said he had no idea.

"I opened up City Hall to the public and I know he didn't want that to happen," Lowery said. "...He calls me reckless but I don't know what I've done that's been reckless. Obviously he's annoyed. I'm not the frontrunner in this race, everyone knows this. I'm just doing the best I can to continue leading the city."


Former Mayor Herenton thinks he is the only one that can run this city. I can not think of one thing he has done except to run citizens out of Memphis. Crime is on the rise, taxes continue to rise, no improvements that I can see. Now, he wants to prove that the people of Memphis will vote him back into office, and the sad thing they most likely will. It will not be because he did a great job, it will be due to the "race". Lets face it, anybody can do the job that Herenton did, they can accomplish the same things, crime will continue to rise, your taxes will continue rise unless you get someone in that office that can make more changes and have less favoritism.

With the master political move that King Willie "Mugabe" has now pulled on the ignorant amatures that hope to be mayor, King Willie "Mugabe" can now finish the work he was ordained to do. It is a shame that some punk former news failure is floundering around in the deep end making a lot of waves and peeing in the pool. AC is too scared to be mayor. Lawler is too punch drunk to even stumble into the squared circle, and that Chumley clown only cares about what the haters in G-town and C-ville think.

King Wille "Mugabe" is comming back! More shorties on the way.

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