Jefferson says Lowery wants him out without City Council OK

City Atty. Elbert Jefferson said he predicts Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery will suspend him in an effort to quickly push him out of City Hall.

Jefferson spoke with members of the media shortly after Lowery asked the council to defer a vote replacing Jefferson as city attorney with former U.S. Atty. Veronica Coleman-Davis.

Lowery said he wanted to hold the vote for two weeks in light of a court case - Jefferson has sued Lowery for forcing him out of City Hall prematurely.

But Jefferson said the deferral was part of a larger scheme to get him out of a job without City Council approval.

"When I'm suspended, it doesn't go before the City Council," Jefferson said. "I understand that the City Council has no control over suspensions."

Some council members were adamant in their disapproval of Lowery's attempt to push Jefferson out of a job and it is unclear if Lowery has the seven votes needed to replace Jefferson with Coleman-Davis, who Lowery named as the city's deputy city attorney on Monday.

Jefferson maintains that he's done nothing wrong.

"You can only suspend with cause," Jefferson said. "So, if you've contrived a scheme to suspend me that absolutely is not right, it is absolutely wrong."

Jefferson said he understands that as an appointed official, he serves at the will and pleasure of the mayor. But he contends that Lowery overstepped his bounds by forcing him to leave City Hall last week without council approval.



You are embarrassed??? You have embarrassed yourself. And believe me, once all the facts are learned about your hiring outside lawyers to the tune of $8mm, of which your current lawyer, Rocky Wilkins soaked up $2mm to do the city's legal business - there will be enough cause in spades. At a minimum I hope you are disbarred for directing an outrageous amount of taxpayer dollars to your friends and Willie cronies.

It is a sad day in Memphis when we look for Lowery for direction. Mr. Jefferson should be rewarded for dealing with those idiots like Lowery.


You must either be Mrs. Ricky Wilkins, Mrs. Robert Spence, or Elbert's new girlfriend. If not, then you may be Herenton's main squeeze.

Elbert is a disgrace and he is soon to be outta here.

Can't wait for the investigation into Elbert's legal dealings.

Here was Elbert, sounding like a victim. This is a guy that has been SUED multiple times by the same city he represented as City Attorney for NOT PAYING HIS PROPERTY TAXES. He lamely said when that became public that he was working so hard for the citizens of Memphis that he just forgot. Then in today's talk with the media he lamented that he has worked SO hard for the citizens of Memphis that it has cost him his marriage. What a complete phony. By the way he still owes property taxes.

No,I'm neither.Just a citizen who happens to pay close attention. Look at the big picture. The answer to why Lowery is attempting to fire Jefferson is right in our face. It has nothing to do with legal fees as Lowery portrays to the citizens and the media. Its a way to take the attention away from Lowery's own issues.Lowery's decision was personal. As a tax payer and citizen I too want my tax dollars spent wisely but I also want leadership that does not use their position and power to take care of personal issues.I am tired of living in a city that looks like a big joke to the rest of the country. What would happens if every superior terminates an employee because they dislike them? We have to demand better leadership from our elected officials.

So Kimberly,

I guess we will both (since you really want to stop Memphis from being a joke) look forward to the exact accounting of these legal fess, eh? And it is so telling that you don't view a man's being sued by the city (multiple times while he is in office) for failure to pay property taxes as not A JOKE? Didn't hear any reference to Elbert's behavior on this front.

Let me tell you something - superiors fire people who are incompetent, dishonest, and yes, not liked EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK in private practice. When you are insubordinant to your superior and an obstruction to moving forward at a minimum (forget the other reasons you mention above), you are going to get fired. EVERY TIME.

I guess you were perfectly OK with Herenton firing people he didn't like.

Phony hypocrite.

wtf jefferson ...... just go away!

I never said I was satisfied with Herenton or any other elected official (although unlike Lowery Herenton wasn't a coward, but he does have the same cocky attitude) and yes I have worked in both the gvt and private practice. The difference is more accountability in the private areas. gvt has too many ways to cover up and shift the blame on others. Heck if its too hot for an official they just make up a story and feed it to the press.Remember Tap Tap Tap.Let's put it all on the table. Ask the county about their legal fees ask some private firms about their fees. are the fees really over the top or have we just been made to think that. I'm just curious.Its such a silly issue when our city has crime on every corner, literacy is at an all time low and poverty is popping up in uncommon areas. A good leader is slow to anger and follows wise counsel! Of course these silly comments on this blog don't accomplish anything that's why I vote and eventually we will get rid of the mess at city hall!


Or is it Wanda? You started this whole conversation by saying that "Elbert Jefferson ought to be rewarded for dealing with idiots like Myron Lowery". Your posts are getting off point here. Where is your justification for Elbert Jefferson?????

You are just now spouting campaign platitudes, Wanda, and maybe there are some people who buy into your "campaign platform for dummies", but I am not one of them.

By the way, Wanda, you made a fool of yourself today at the council meeting.


The exponential increase in outside legal fees approved by Mr. Jefferson during his tenure is an issue that has legs. So be careful how you vote. I am curious as to why you would vote to keep this guy (although you aren't going to get a chance, because Elbert is going to be gone - lawsuit or not) and not vote to approve Veronica Coleman. Any thoughts?

“Jefferson says Lowery wants him out without City Council OK -
Eye on Schools Merger” was in fact a wonderful read and thus I was quite happy to locate the blog.

Thanks for your effort-Lyn

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