Jack Sammons approved as CAO

The Memphis City Council has approved the nomination of Jack Sammons as the mayor pro tem's chief administrative officer.

After a moderately tense discussion about Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery's cabinet picks, the council approved Sammons in a 10-2 vote.

Only councilmen Joe Brown and Edmund Ford Jr. voted against his approval.

Council members peppered Sammons, a longtime former councilman, with questions about whether he would run in the special election for Memphis mayor (no) and whether he lived in the city of Memphis (yes).

Sammons, who is president of hair care company Ampro Industries, said he would dedicate his time as CAO to city matters only until the special election - meaning he won't be out raising money for Lowery or passing out yard signs.

"When my time is concluded, I expect I will go back to making America's No. 1 gel," Sammons quipped. "People all over globe enjoy our products everyday."

Sammons' approval followed tough questions about the residency of Lowery's other picks -- former TV anchor Donna Davis and former U.S. Atty. Veronica Coleman-Davis -- both who live outside of the Memphis city limits.

Councilman Shea Flinn said according to the charter, city employees have six months to move into the city, a rule he dubbed the "Barbara Swearengen Ware" corollary because she has often invoked it.

Ware did not seem pleased with Flinn's comment.

"That does not apply to temporary employees," she snapped. "I know that Mayor Pro Tem Lowery knows that, he's been on the council far longer than I have. He knows the charter inside out."


swearengen ware can certainly dish it out when it suits her skewed purpose but can't take it when it's thrown back at her, what an empty use of space.

Congratulations, Jack! Aloha!

I'm still waiting on a citation for that "doesn't apply to temporary employees" assertion.

BTW, this blog isn't remembering personal information.

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