E.C. Jones, Sharon Webb, Ben Ferguson pull petitions for mayor's race

Willie Herenton is not the only local personality to pull a petition recently for the Memphis mayor's race.

In the last day and a half, eight new people have pulled petitions, including radio host Ben Ferguson, Memphis City Council board member Sharon Webb and former City Councilman E.C. Jones.

So far, a total of 20 prospective candidates have pulled petitions, the paperwork necessary to run for office, including Herenton, city school board commissioner Kenneth Whalum Jr., Ernest Lunati, Thomas Long and Robert "Prince Mongo" Hodges.

While Webb has already made her mayoral aspirations known, both Ferguson and Jones would be surprising candidates if they decide to jump into the race. The filing deadline is Sept. 3 for the Oct. 15 special election.

Ferguson is a conservative political commentator and host of The Ben Ferguson Show.

Jones served on the City Council for 13 years ending in 2007. Earlier today his son, Chris Jones, a former Shelby County Sheriff's deputy, was sentenced to 23 years in prison for shooting a deejay last year at the Windjammer Restaurant and Lounge in East Memphis.


i am amazed at the number of narcissistic people in this city who think they would make a great mayor. at this rate, each citizen who is of legal voting age should traipse down to the election committee and pull a petition. STOP THE INSANITY, THIS ELECTION HAD BECOME A NIGHTMARE!

This is getting weirder by the hour. WWH does his thing. Sharon Webb continues her quest to bring God into City Hall. EC announces for Mayor as his son goes to jail for 23 years.

This is making Mongo look normal!

The big beneficiary, in my opinion is A C who offers steady, low drama leadership.

Why should Memphians be distressed by having a true selection for mayor? Have you become so accustomed to having only two people to pick from that you've grown lazy and cannot possibly decide who the best candidate would be??? Even if 30 people enter the race, the best candidate is still the best. So quit whining that you actually have choices and pray that the rest of your neighbors will look past superficial drama and vote for the best candidate for all.

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