Lowery must get council approval to fire city attorney, judge rules

This just in: Chancery Court Judge Walter Evans has ruled that Mayor Pro Tem Myron Lowery must get approval of the Memphis City Council if he wants to fire City Atty. Elbert Jefferson, reports The Commercial Appeal's Amos Maki.

Friday, on his first day as interim mayor, Lowery fired Jefferson. But Jefferson got a restraining order over the weekend to allow him to keep working until a possible council vote on his fate.

If the council decides to leave Jefferson in the top legal post -- which on Tuesday seemed the likely scenario -- Lowery has the power as mayor to suspend Jefferson or change his duties.

For background, read Lowery's letter of termination sent to Jefferson and also Jefferson's petition for a restraining order, which accused Lowery of conduct "so outrageous in character and so extreme in degree as to be beyond the pale of decency and is atrocious and intolerable."


We knew corruption ran deep in our government. Are our judges corrupt too???

When Myron does something ironic--like spend the day in court battling with Elbert Jefferson (just so that a judge could issue a ruling that confirmed what everybody already knew about the law) when his main complaint is that the City's legal department spends too much money--we call that "Myrony."

I actually ponder how come you named this particular post,
“Lowery must get council approval to fire city attorney, judge rules - Eye on Schools Merger”.
In any case I personally adored it!I appreciate

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