Lowery's in for a big change


City Council chairman Myron Lowery just addressed the entire council staff in anticipation of his ascending to the seventh-floor mayor's office after Willie Herenton retires.

"Anybody want to give me any ideas or parting advice?" asked Lowery, who was dressed in black polo shirt.

"Put on a tie," joked one council staffer.

Lowery said he was going home to change and prepare for this afternoon's events. Then he turned more serious and thanked the hard-working council staff.

"I just wanted to say thank you to the staff, which has been tremendous," said Lowery.


While anyone is better than who is still currently in office for the next (hopefully) few hours, can we at lease PLEASE ban Myron from wearing those old-man knit shirts that show off his man-boobs like in the picture above?

"Put on a tie," joked one council staffer.

"Put on a bra", jokes a Whalum voter, "because that's the only "support" you are going to get."

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