Facebook popular spot for foes, friends of Herenton

With Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton's promised resignation only two days away, foes and friends have taken to Facebook.com to air their views.

herenton for mayor.jpg

A search of Herenton pulls up close to 30 groups on Facebook, ranging from "Although I'm not a big fan, I don't necessarily hate Willie Herenton" to "Willie Herenton for Mayor of Lexington, Ky."

"Lexington took our coach. It's only fair for them to take our Mayor, too. Don't you agree?" reads the group's description, in a knock to former Tiger's Coach John Calipari, now head basketball coach in Lexington.

Most of these groups - which date back to his reelection in 2007 -- tend to attract like-minded members.

"Goodbye Willie Herenton" says now that Herenton has decided to resign and run for congress "let's hope that his ego doesn't make him want to change his mind....AGAIN!"

The group lists a vintage video of The Sweet rocking "Little Willy." ("Willy, Willy, won't go home!")

"Memphians against Herenton" lists 1,171 members "united to remove 'King Willy' from office." One member links to a special Willie Tribute page. "We won't miss you, not one bit; Hey, Ho! You Need To Go!"


In response to that page, another Facebook user created a "Memphians for Herenton" - with 13 members - that reads "I saw there was a group called 'Memphians Against Herenton,' and I couldn't help but become uncontrollably enraged. Willie Herenton has done wonders for this city. Personally, he is a role model."

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