Carol Chumney bounced $30 check for charity race

Mayoral candidate Carol Chumney bounced a check to a charity foot race that took place earlier this month.

Chumney, an outspoken former city councilwoman and state representative who made a name for herself criticizing business-as-usual politicians, wrote a $30 check to the Firecracker 5K benefiting St. Jude Children's Research Hospital that was returned for insufficient funds.  

"I just took care of that," Chumney said Monday morning. "Every once in a while it happens."

Chumney, a candidate in the upcoming special election to pick Mayor Willie Herenton's successor, said she has multiple checking accounts and funds from one account weren't transferred to the account used to write the check.

Chumney, 48, finished 12th in her division in the race. 




Why am I laughing... with my broke self, anyway?

Ahhh... stuff happens; this ain't no big deal. Carol's good for the money, dang.

Yea, but remember the US House check kiting scandal years ago. I'm not a fan of Chumney for mayor this is just one more small, really insignificant reason I'll not vote her.

The reason I won't for her is pound for pound her ego is as large or larger than that of our current mayor that can make up his mind what he's going to do. She also has a track record among members of her own party for being all talk the talk but rarely does she accomplish much of what she say's she'll do. A VOTE FOR CHUMNEY IS NOT A VOTE FOR CHANGE - IT'S MORE OF THE SAME IN A DIFFERENT PACKAGE.

it cost her more for the bounced check than the check was written for /evidently she does not do math well, use a calculator carol, we all make mistakes.

Oook. . .she made a mistake as all of us do. She made good on the check as all of us have to do. .. .let's move on.


Give me a break. This isn't news and shouldn't have been printed. Everybody does this at sometime. Most just don't have it printed in the paper. Please don't try and make news out of nothing.

Interesting how there are several posts stating this isn't news. Your comments would be much different if it were Herenton, Myron Lowery or A C Wharton.
A person running for mayor of a major city bounces a check is news. She can’t' manage her finances and you want her to manage a city. PLEASE!! She is a joke and this proves she is running for mayor to enhance her and her friends financially.

Man if she be exploiting a charity event to get on the news and mix with the peeps, she can't be floating on checks to St. Jude. She is just wrong, didn't run, and been a long time hater of progress under King Willie "Mugabe" Herenton.

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