No waiting on pensions

Earlier we reported that Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton's more controversial appointments would be following him out the door.

There has since been growing speculation that those appointees have to wait a few years to draw down annual pensions.

Public Services and Neighborhoods Director Ken Moody is only 43, while Deputy Director Yalanda McFadgon is 46 and Deputy Director of the Memphis Public Library and Information Center Michael Gray is 51.

City Human Resources director Lorene Essex cleared up that rumor this afternoon, saying the three administrators would receive their pensions immediately following their official resignations.

"They don't have to wait," Essex said.

Moody, a former Memphis State University basketball player who has worked for the city 13 years, earns $118,300. His pension will be about $38,650 annually.

McFadgon is a former Herenton bodyguard and a convicted felon who also oversaw the city's Second Chance program. Last year she was promoted to her current position, in which she makes about $105,900. Her pension will be about $59,900 annually.

Gray is a former Herenton bodyguard who also sold real estate for the mayor before being promoted to deputy director of the library system. He is also a former deputy director in Public Services and Neighborhoods. He makes around $107,302, and his pension will be about $65,740 annually.


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