Lowery will tackle Bass Pro, Fairgrounds as interim

City Council Chairman Myron Lowery has taken the podium and said, "Our city will move through this transition in a good fine way."

Lowery will take over as interim mayor and said he will talk to the Shelby County Election Commission about when the city will hold a special election. He believes it will be held between 90 and 180 days from now.

Lowery said he plans to run.

"There will be a transition," he said, adding that City Hall employees will aid with the transition. "I am not going to make any drastic moves by myself."

Lowery said he will take the reigns on important matters such as Bass Pro's tentative plans to lease The Pyramid. He'll also figure out the status of the Mid-South Fairgrounds' redevelopment.

Lowery is talking but most of the attention is still focused on Herenton over to the side of the room.

Lowery asked for other employees to join him, but only councilwoman Barbara Swearengen Ware has joined him

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